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Grogg the Cave Man Computer Tech sez...

"Anyone can do this!" I don't know how many people I've helped.
What I do know is that everyone I've ever helped has been amazed at how easy computers really are to use!
For example, when you first start driving a car, you don't know how and it can be very frightening.
A computer is actually a lot safer to learn how to use,unlike a car, if you crash - no one gets hurt.
I can teach you how to use your system and how easy it is to recover from a crash or send email!
I have new training programs designed for everyone! From the first time computer user, to the person who needs to brush up, or if you have a business and need help training your employees
I can help!
Software Includes:

  • Windows
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Internet Explorer
  • And Many more!!!!!!!

"I want to help you to be comfortable and confident with your computer!"

People keep asking what my qualifications are, so here they are:

1) I've been working with both Macintosh and PC's since 1995.

2) My most recent work experience was when I was assigned at Microsoft Product Support Services for 13 months, before that I was assigned at Microsoft for 6 months.

Six years of experience, a year and a half of that at Microsoft.

I also have the ability to call Microsoft in a business down situation and receive free support!

If your business runs SBS, NT Servers, SQL, or Exchange, or any other MS BOS, you know that calling Microsoft will cost you \$245 dollars, plus the cost of your tech.

I can save you $245 AND have Microsoft helping me, if I need it, to get your business running again! That's a big savings to your business!

I am also providig the IT services for the US World Round event in June. Check out the event by going to :


All the Hardware is being provided by Cyberspace computers. You can contact Cyberspace by sending an email to : Cyberspace@gorge.net or calling : (509) 773-3806

We're all working hard to make this international event run smoothly!

If you have a system that you use at home and are having problems figuring out how to make your computer do what you want to do, not a problem! I can sit down with you and go over the basics:

1) Starting your system

2) Basic tasks and terms in Windows (Creating and finding folders, customizing your desktop, showing you what a desktop is.)

3) How to use all of those neat Applications(Programs) that came with your computer, including understanding the "Help" files.

4) How to send and receive email, even how to set up your internet connection. (You will need to be ready to set up your web account right then and there, depending on the provider you can have it billed to you or you may need to pay with a credit card.)

5) Surfing the web, and how to find information on the web.

So if you have any thoughts, comments, or questions - feel free to contact me. I'm here to help!

Feel free to contact me: Mike Niemela's ISH Mail Link! or call me at (509) 773-8054. Contact me for all of your IT needs!

Prices for Instruction and Support are:

On Site Technical Support: \$45 an hour

On Site Training: $30 an hour

Seniors get a 25% discount!

In some cases I am willing to work on a sliding scale or give group discounts. I try to limit the group to no more than 10 people at a time, if there are more than that I can't give as much time to each person as I like to.

New Tip Forum!

I have a weekly tip forum at Goldendale News & Chat where every week I'll be posting a new tip on helping you with your computer!
If you have any questions, or want to post a reply feel free.
So feel free to click ont the link to check it out! Goldendale News & Chat

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